Friday, February 27, 2009

ToLL HiKe~!%#$$#@


There's a news article I've found in The Star online today about toll hike for 5 expressways from March 1 2009..for full article pls click here.

The highways affected are the

1)North-South Expressway (PLUS) (increase of 5%)

2)Sprint/Kerinchi/Damansara Link highway (increase between 30 and 50 cents)

3)Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Expressway (AKLEH) (increase by 50 cents)

4)Sungai Besi Highway (increase by 10 cents)

5)New Pantai Expressway (NPE) (increase by 40 cents)

Even though I'm not quite affected by the increase with expressways in the Klang Valley as I only use them occasionally but the increase with North-South Expressway does hurt my pocket as I use this expressway frequently (Melaka-KL).

With the current toll rate, from Ayer Keroh exit to Sg. Besi toll plaza and vice versa is RM16.50..starting from 1st of March 2009, the new rate will be RM17.325 or RM17.35.

Now I need to think twice to go back to my hometown or KL huhu


Thursday, February 26, 2009



14 February 2009

I went to KL today to see her and I wanted to hang around KL with her today as I haven't seen her for weeks now. My first destination once I reach KL is to have a rest for a while and had lunch at my grandmother's home while waiting for her to finish her job at her office. As the clock ticking, it's 2.30pm now and I have to pick her up at her office in downtown KL at 3pm. After I picked her up, we discussed where are we going to go next. After that, we decided to watch a movie but today is weekend..cinemas all over KL must be full with people .

The only solution that I can think of is to go to a cinema that's a lil' bit far from KL..we went to IOI mall it far from KL? Maybe for some people but not for me as I love to travel far hehe . Hmm..the mall is not as grand as other shopping malls in KL like the Pavilion and Mid-Valley. It's just a small (not quite small but OK la) suburban mall.

There's not many people at the ticket counter and all movies still have many seats available..very nice huh .I don't know which movie we're going to see and she said she wanted to see the Pink Panther 2. Before I watch it, I have a perception about the movie as I thought it was boring (I didn't watch the Pink Panther 1) but I was wrong..the movie is hillarious and fun to watch . Now I have a very good reason to watch the 1st one .

da poster..

After the movie finished, we went to Ara she mention that there's sumthing going on over there. I really eager to find out what is it as I've never been to Ara Damansara before...

When we arrived there, there was an event. It's called..

Festive Fun-tasy

Hahaha does it sound childish? The event is an exhibition of cartoon figurines. As the figurines are lighted..they looked very lively at night time.

I like this picture..Mickey and Minnie Mouse look so lovely together .

At the same place, there's a bazaar that sells many things.. for me they are very unique as I couldn't find anywhere in KL (there are but very limited). I really interested wif some things that available over there but I was not ready wif extra cash hehe .


The Simpsons..

We had fun dat nite..and I will definitely come to Ara Damansara again in near future . InsyaAllah.

That's all for now.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

29 FeB~..


The entry today is titled 29 February..why i posted this entry? this year is not even a leap year and I should post this entry about 1 year ago (2008 is a leap year) but what the heck..I don't even have a blog at that time . Even though it's a year late but I've keep thinking by myself about why there is a day extra in February every 4 years.

The mystery always pop up in my mind during the month of February, every year but I didn't bother to search for the answer until today hehe . It's not because I'm lazy or not but I just think it doesn't really affect my daily life..I depend on the internet to search for the answers as I didn't ask anyone regarding to this matter. There's a lot of answers to it but they're lengthy and complicated with all those maths formulas. Yeah..maths does play an important part for the answer. As I spend some time to search for the answer and then wallaa I've found a simple and easy to understand statement.

Even though it's not so that important but at least we can gain some general knowledge and I should share this with u guys .


Every 4 years we have an extra day in February making it 29 days. How did they come up with Leap Year?


A day is not actually 24 hours long. It's actually 23 hours, 56 minutes and 10 seconds long. In four years the 'lost' time would equal exactly another day so we have an extra day added to February. This means that a year is 365 1/4 days long. In 4 years, we have four 365 day years and four quarter from those years - which equal an extra day.

Till we meet again.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moh Ke Utara..(3)


entry ini adalah sambungan Moh Ke Utara..(2)

Dah lama aku x updet utk entry Moh Ke Utara..aku cuma masukkan entry2 yg latest je tapi utk elakkan aku menangguh entry Moh Ke Utara ni, aku updetkan jgk sebelum citer ni akan jd terlalu lama dan basi


28 December 2008

Apabila smpi ke Sg. Petani utk menghantar adik balik ke kampus..tetiba ayah terfikir utk ke Muzium Arkeologi Lembah Bujang (cuma beberapa kilometer je dari kampus UiTM menghala ke Tg. Dawai). Aku pn agak teruja sebab tak penah lg jejakkan kaki ke situ. Tak lama kemudian kami pun bergerak ke sana.

Lembah Bujang ni adelah salah 1 kawasan arkeologi zaman purba di Semenanjung..di sinilah sebuah tamadun lama yg dah wujud sebelum tertubuhnya Melaka lagi. Tamadun di sini lebih di pengaruhi oleh agama Hindu..dibuktikan dgn peninggalan candi-candi dan alatan utk upacara keagamaan Hindu.

Masuk free of charge.

the remains..

peta 3-D geografi Lembah Bujang dan kawasan sekitar.

Kanu yg di gunakan oleh penduduk Lembah Bujang pada zaman dulu

After the tour ends..kami pun bergerak ke Hotel Seri Malaysia Sg. Petani utk bermalam. Selepas menghantar adik balik ke UiTM Kedah, kami berempat bertolak balik ke rumah bsk hari. Semasa on the way balik tu kami singgah di suatu tempat..nak tau tempat tu? Tunggu next post k huhu


p/s: congratz to Zach for ur first flight as a flight attendant..susah la nak jumpe ko lepas ni ye huhu. Gud Luck.