Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Iskkk mlm smlm sy x dpt nk tdo ...nk try tdo mcm mana pn still x dpt nk lena. Mmg dh target nk tdo awal tp ya Allah bilik very very panas walaupn tingkap tu dh terbkk besar. Berpeluh x igt even smpi bkk baju pn x dpt nk tdo gak . Tgk jam pn dh kul 3am..aihh xleh jd ni. Tgk2 rumet tdo ngan lenanye..dpt plak hang tdo yer . Last2 sy turun dr katil n amik kunci + hset n angkat kaki ke masjid. Kt sini je la dpt kipas yg bebetul direct n lgpn masjid kn open..sure sejuk sket. Akhirnye tdo gak sy kt masjid tu smpi subuh. Mmg best tp rs mcm terlalu sejuk plak..huhu panas sgt xleh..sejuk sgt pn xleh jgk... Lps jer solat subuh, sy pn blk la ke bilik..dgn harapan dpt tdo blk dlm bilik. Tp smpi je kt bilik..aihhh panas dia mcm time sy kuo td. Aduyaii mcm mana ni..nk wt mcm mana. Xkn nk tdo masjid smpi 9-10 am kot huhu . Bkk je baju n landing atas katil..alhamdulillah dpt jgk tdo walaupn berpeluh2 jgk.

Sblm ni mmg slalunye dpt tdo walaupn panas tp panas mlm smlm mmg luar biasa sket. Nasib baik arini xde klas... Berharap-harap la sgt mlm ni ok..panas pn xpe asalkn sejuk sket dr mlm td huhu.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nidji - Jangan Lupakan

ku berjalan terus tanpa henti
dan dia pun kini telah pergi
ku berdoa di tengah
indahnya dunia
ku berdoa untuk dia yang kurindukan

memohon untuk tetap tinggal
dan jangan engkau pergi lagi
berselimut di tengah dingin dunia
berselimut dengan dia yang kurindukan

would it be nice to hold you ..
would it be nice to take you home..
would it be nice to kiss you..

memohon untuk tetap tinggal
dan jangan engkau pergi lagi
bernyanyilah na na na na na
bernyanyilah untuk dia yang kurindukan

would it be nice to hold you ..
would it be nice to take you home ..
would it be nice to kiss you..

jangan pernah lupakan aku
jangan hilangkan diriku
jangan pernah lupakan aku
jangan hilangkan diriku
jangan pernah lupakan aku
jangan pergi dari aku

Sunday, April 19, 2009

RaNdOm UpDet.~


8 March 2009

Hari ni sy berada di KL dan baru2 ni kebetulan plak sy aktif pegi ke gym..kt Melaka la especially. Tapi semenjak pegi ke KL ni sy rs mcm ade sumthing missing..rs mcm x complete rutin harian kalau x pegi gym huhu . Ptg tu jgk I grab my keys n trus shoot ke gym kt Wangsa Metroview, Wangsa Maju. Sebenarnye sy x penah lg pegi gym kt KL ni..sblm tu ade call kwn (yg jgk aktif berGym ni) n bertanye kt gym mana yg slalu dia pegi. Gym yg dia pegi tu mmg 1 deretan rumah kedai yg baru berdekatan dgn Alpha Angle..

1st impression..rumah kedai unit atas. Must be a small gym. Yup..I'm rite. The gym agak kecik sket n equipment pn x brp byk..x mcm Gan Boon Leong gym di Melaka huhu . Utk walk-in customer, harga dlm RM4. Ok la dr segi pricing mmg x brp mahal sgt..bknnye hari-hari pegi sini anyway .

Abis jer gym..br teringat yg sy blom solat asar lg. Lps ni ade appointment lain plak..kebetulan ade 1 masjid yg baru di bina bebetul kt dpn Wangsa Metroview ni.

Masjid Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju

Teringat ms zaman sy tinggal kt KL dlu thn 1999-2001..slalu jln kaki dgn member2 skolah (jauh jgk beb tp maybe time tu bdk lg..rajin nk jln huhu
) ke masjid kt area Jusco dari Wangsa Melawati (Masjid Seksyen 2 blom start construction lg). Asal lalu dkt area Wangsa Metroview (ms ni hutan je kt area tu)..ktorang akn nmpk the whole view of KL yg sangat2 magnificent . Even ms tu ramai yg nk tgk bunga api utk certain occasion mcm New Year n Merdeka kt sini..view mmg clear..takde ape2 halangan.

KL dr jauh..

Tapi skrg ni..Wangsa Maju dh makin byk dgn apartments dgn condos. Smpi view KL dh x nmpk dr jalan besar..nk tgk pn dlm area masjid jer kebetulan kt atas bukit tp tu pn dh byk pokok yg dh tinggi2.

Baru2 ni sy agak bz sket cz due date assignments dh byk yg dekat..tu yg jarang updet. I must set my priority 1st la kn..iaitu study.

Ok for now..cau.

Thursday, April 16, 2009



Sbg student sepenuh masa..kite perlukan memori yg baik utk hafal segala notes2 setiap subjek yg kite amik terutamanye melibatkn subjek2 teori. Memori yg baik sgt penting terutamanye bila nk exam . Tapi memori yg baik ni bkn je utk students tapi semua org secara amnya dlm kehidupan seharian.

Sy tertanya2 jgk mcm mana nk improve our memory..mcm2 cara yg sy jumpe even ade yg dlmm bentuk supplement dan jgk tabiat dan rutin seharian.

Tapi takpe..kte tgk cara2 nk sentiasa igt .


How to Improve Your Memory

1. Convince yourself that you do have a good memory that will improve. Too many people get stuck here and convince themselves that their memory is bad, that they are just not good with names, that numbers just slip out of their minds for some reason. Erase those thoughts and vow to improve your memory. Commit yourself to the task and bask in your achievements -- it's hard to keep motivated if you beat yourself down every time you make a little bit of progress.

2. Keep your brain active. Regularly “exercising" the brain keeps it growing and spurs the development of new nerve connections that can help improve memory. By developing new mental skills—especially complex ones such as learning a new language or learning to play a new musical instrument—and challenging your brain with puzzles and games you can keep your brain active and improve its physiological functioning. Try some puzzle exercises everyday such as word cross, sudoku and some other games as easy to put into your mobile phone and practise it maybe once for 30 minutes per day.

3. Exercise daily. Regular aerobic exercise improves circulation and efficiency throughout the body, including in the brain, and can help ward off the memory loss that comes with aging. Exercise also makes you more alert and relaxed, and can thereby improve your memory uptake, allowing you to take better mental “pictures."

4. Reduce stress. Chronic stress, although it does not physically damage the brain, can make remembering much more difficult. After prolonged stress the brain will be damaged. Stressful situations are recognized by the hypothalamus, which in turn signals the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland secreted adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)which influences the adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline and later cortisol(corticosteroids). The corticosteroids can weaken the blood-brain barrier and damage the hippocampus(the memory center). Ironically, the hippocampus controls the secretion of the hormone released by the hypothalamus through a process of negative feedback. After chronic stress it will be damaged and it will not be as efficient in regulating the degenerative corticosteroids and memory will be harmed. Neurogenesis (formation of new neurons) indeed exists in the hippocampus but stress inhibits it. To recapitulate and synthesis, chronic stress will affect your health and your memory, it will damage the brain so the best option is to learn to control stress. Stress will never be eliminated, but it definitely can be controlled. [http://ezinearticles.com/?How-Stress-Effects-Neurotransmitters&id=19510]Even temporary stresses can make it more difficult to effectively focus on concepts and observe things. Try to relax, regularly practice yoga or other stretching exercises, and see a doctor if you have severe chronic stress as soon as possible.

5. Eat well and eat right. There are a lot of herbal supplements on the market that claim to improve memory, but none have yet been shown to be effective in clinical tests (although small studies have shown some promising results for ginkgo biloba and phosphatidylserine). A healthy diet, however, contributes to a healthy brain, and foods containing antioxidants—broccoli, blueberries, spinach, and berries, for example—and Omega-3 fatty acids appear to promote healthy brain functioning. Feed your brain with such supplements as Thiamine, Vitamin E, Niacin and Vitamin B-6. Grazing, eating 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals, also seems to improve mental functioning (including memory) by limiting dips in blood sugar, which may negatively affect the brain.

6. Take better pictures. Often we forget things not because our memory is bad, but rather because our observational skills need work. One common situation where this occurs (and which almost everyone can relate to) is meeting new people. Often we don’t really learn people’s names at first because we aren’t really concentrating on remembering them. You’ll find that if you make a conscious effort to remember such things, you’ll do much better. One way to train yourself to be more observant is to look at an unfamiliar photograph for a few seconds and then turn the photograph over and describe or write down as many details as you can about the photograph. Try closing your eyes and picturing the photo in your mind. Use a new photograph each time you try this exercise, and with regular practice you will find you’re able to remember more details with even shorter glimpses of the photos.

7. Give yourself time to form a memory. Memories are very fragile in the short-term, and distractions can make you quickly forget something as simple as a phone number. The key to avoid losing memories before you can even form them is to be able to focus on the thing to be remembered for a while without thinking about other things, so when you’re trying to remember something, avoid distractions and complicated tasks for a few minutes.

8. Create vivid, memorable images. You remember information more easily if you can visualize it. If you want to associate a child with a book, try not to visualize the child reading the book – that's too simple and forgettable. Instead, come up with something more jarring, something that sticks, like the book chasing the child, or the child eating the book. It's your mind – make the images as shocking and emotional as possible to keep the associations strong.

9. Repeat things you need to learn. The more times you hear, see, or think about something, the more surely you’ll remember it, right? It’s a no-brainer. When you want to remember something, be it your new coworker’s name or your best friend's birthday, repeat it, either out loud or silently. Try writing it down; think about it.

10. Group things you need to remember. Random lists of things (a shopping list, for example) can be especially difficult to remember. To make it easier, try categorizing the individual things from the list. If you can remember that, among other things, you wanted to buy four different kinds of vegetables, you’ll find it easier to remember all four.

11. Organize your life. Keep items that you frequently need, such as keys and eyeglasses, in the same place every time. Use an electronic organizer or daily planner to keep track of appointments, due dates for bills, and other tasks. Keep phone numbers and addresses in an address book or enter them into your computer or cell phone. Improved organization can help free up your powers of concentration so that you can remember less routine things. Even if being organized doesn’t improve your memory, you’ll receive a lot of the same benefits (i.e. you won’t have to search for your keys anymore).

12. Try meditation. Research now suggests that people who regularly practice "mindfulness" meditation are able to focus better and may have better memories. Mindfulness (also known as awareness or insight meditation) is the type commonly practiced in Western countries and is easy to learn. Studies at Massachusetts General Hospital show that regular meditation thickens the cerebral cortex in the brain by increasing the blood flow to that region. Some researchers believe this can enhance attention span, focus, and memory.

13. Sleep well. The amount of sleep we get affects the brain's ability to recall recently learned information. Getting a good night's sleep – a minimum of seven hours a night – may improve your short-term memory and long-term relational memory, according to recent studies conducted at the Harvard Medical School.

14. Build your memorization arsenal. Learn pegs, memory palaces, and the Dominic System. These techniques form the foundation for mnemonic techniques, and will visibly improve your memory.

15. Venture out and learn from your mistakes. Go ahead and take a stab at memorizing the first one hundred digits of pi, or, if you've done that already, the first one thousand. Memorize the monarchs of England through your memory palaces, or your grocery list through visualization. Through diligent effort you will eventually master the art of memorization.


Friday, April 03, 2009

NeW ErA..~

Tepat pukul 10am hari ni..tampuk pemerintahan baru utk Malaysia bermula. Dato' Seri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak skrg merupakan Perdana Menteri Malaysia yg ke-6.

Selamat tinggal Pak Lah..semua jasamu selama ni akan di kenang dan tahniah kpd Perdana Menteri yg baru.

Together we can bring the nation to greater heights.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

HoT TeA AnYoNe..?


Sy terjmpe 1 news article mengenai hot tea..mmg hot tea ni jd feveret sy dr dlu lg especially teh panas. X tau la nape tp i like it more than teh tarik..

Tp sy agak terkejut jgk bile ternmpk artikel tu sbb menurut kajian..teh panas ni leh wat kanser tekak .

Ni dia artikel tu


PARIS (AFP) - - People who drink their tea piping hot run a higher risk of throat cancer than counterparts who prefer a cooler cuppa, according to an investigation published Friday by the British Medical Journal.

Cancer of the oesophagus is linked especially to smoking and alcohol abuse but hot beverages have also been considered a risk factor, possibly because of damage to throat tissue.

Interested in finding out more, Iranian researchers went to Golestan province, which has one of the highest rates of oesophageal cancer in the world.

Inhabitants there sip large quantities of hot black tea -- typically drinking more than a litre (1.8 pints) per day per person -- but also have a low incidence of tobacco and alcohol use.

A team led by Reza Malekzadeh of the Digestive Disease Research Centre at Tehran University of Medical Sciences looked at 300 people who had been diagnosed with a throat tumour and a matched group of 571 healthy people who lived in the same area.

Those who drank hot tea (between 65-69 degrees Celsius, 149-156 degrees Fahrenheit) were twice as likely to develop throat cancer compared with those who drank warm or lukewarm tea, whose temperature was 65 C (149 F) or less.

Drinking very hot tea (at least 70 C, 158 F) was associated with an eightfold increased risk compared with warm or lukewarm tea.

In an editorial, The Lancet said the study backed evidence that scorching fluids may cause damage to the throat's epithelial lining and lead to cancer, although exactly how this happens remains unclear.

But it also said that there was no cause for panic, as most people tend to drink tea at a warm temperature. Previous studies in Britain have reported an average temperature preference of 56-60 C (133-140 F).

It recommended that tea junkies wait at least four minutes before drinking from a freshly boiled cup.

The study said there was no association between the amount of tea that was consumed and the risk of cancer.

Its scope did not include an assessment of risk for coffee and other hot beverages.

p/s : Nmpknye dh xleh la menikmati teh panas2 after dis huhu . So, sy berpesan pd suma n diri sy sendri..tunggu la teh tu sejuk dlu k .


Thursday, April 02, 2009



Huhu akhirnye abis jgk midterm xm utk hari ni..1 in da morning n 1 pd ptg. Mmg gemuruh jgk nk wat xm siang td tp nasib baik xm pd ptg tu adelah xm open-book. Dpt bwk suma printed materials cam notes2 n solution tutorial..sy pn beli 1 text book for dat subject (fotostatnye version huhu ..ye la nk beli buku yg betul x mampu tp nk xnk terpaksa beli sbb notes terlalu simple sgt..x byk huraian pn. ). Cuma utk xm ptg tu masa mcm x cukup je..at least ptt bg at least 1 1/2 jam..tp ape nak wat, redha je la.

Td sy baru je balik dr 1 seminar "Study Skills" anjuran Counselling Unit di bilik seminar STAD. Masa memula dtg tu punye la semangat tp msk2 je bilik seminar..kosong..yilek. Speaker yg nk bg talk pn takder. . Haihh xkn sy sorang je yg dtg..igtkn td kalo sy sorng je mmg sy balik huhu . Tapi, rupa2nye diorang ade kt dlm bilik kecik kt situ..ade la 2 org yg dtg n jgk kaunselor mmu n 2 org trainee counselor dr UM..Ting Jean Nee n Masliyana. Diorang wat praktikal kt MMU ni dlm 4 bulan n sekarang tinggal 2 minggu sblm diorang abiskn praktikal.

Ktorang pn tunggu dlm 10 min utk tunggu sesapa yg nk dtg..ms sesi nk start ade la dlm 6-7 org yg hadir. Speaker yg bg talk adelah salah sorang dr trainee counselor tu, Ting Jean Nee. Beliau mmg friendly n nmpk ceria..even ms dia bg talk pn mmg sgt best . Lgpn beliau pn still a student so mmg sgt memahami ape yg berlaku dgn bdk2 terutamanye dari segi study. Memang byk yg sy dpt belajar dr seminar tu..teknik2 yg betul utk study n nk kenalpasti cara2 study yg salah. Lepas dr tu baru sy dpt tau cara sy study ade salah silap..maybe sbb tu kot x penah dpt dean list eekeke . Dah nk abis baru la dpt blaja teknik study yg betul..dah terlambat ke sy?.

Tapi takpe la..dpt jgk baiki diri terutamanye during the last sem ni. Mmg x rugi pegi seminar ni sbb 1st..dpt SAPS points n jgk buku2 free yg hanya utk final year students.


Buku2 yg berkaitan dgn guide to job hunting n career opportunities dan jgk guide utk smbg ke post graduate. Time ni terpk jgk ape yg ptt aku wt lepas grad nnt insya-Allah ..dlm hati kalo ade rezeki mmg nk smbg masters terus walaupn dlm masa sama nk cari duit sendri. Even kaunselor MMU td pn nasihat nk smbg masters baik wat part time sambil keje. Well, maybe she's rite..sy akn fikir kemudian .

Lg 1..Counselling Unit organize lg 3 talk utk bln ni n kalo xde pa per mmg sy nk pegi semua talk2 tu.

7 April 2009 - How to speak in front of others?
9 April 2009 - Persediaan Menempuh alam Kerjaya
14 April 2009 - Interview Tips

bertempat dr seminar room, STAD pada pukul 8.15pm.

Hmm..ade midterm lg hari jumaat mlm ni..sy nk try praktikkan segala ilmu2 yg dpt dlm seminar td . Tgk berkesan ke x..
. Sampai sini je dulu..nk tdo. Cau.


p/s :
1) rsnye sy nk pegi Kayak Star 1 Course kt Jasin sabtu ni..ade sesapa nk

2)Presentation slide dr seminar td akn di email pd sy n insya-Allah sy akn
upload ke internet dlm ms terdekat.