Friday, May 29, 2009



Alhamdulillah, pd pukul 5.00pm td maka tamatlah final xm n paper yg terakhir sy utk sem ni..perasaan sy skrg ni bercampur-cmpur. Tah la x dpt nk gmbarkn mcm mana cz perasaan sedey ade, lega ade, hepi pn ade. Tp hanye Allah je yg tau perasaan sy skrg. Maklum la dh bertahun2 sy di MMU ni semenjak 2003..sendri kira la eh brp thn tu huhu..bknnye sekejap. Kire mcm MMU n Melaka ni jd hometown yg la blk umah family pn time cuti sem jew.

Subuh td pn dpt jgk tlg Az angkat brg2 dia cz dia pn dh selamat berpindah dr ostel . Mmg byk brg yg nk diangkut tu..penuh 1 keta. Sy pn..terpaksa berpindah dr ostel n nasib baik la brg sy xde la byk sgt la br lebey kurang 7 bln sy dok kt ostel..brg2 yg terkumpul still sket lg.. lain la kalo dok ostel berthn-thn kn .

Semenjak sy kt MMU ni byk pengalaman manis n pahit dh sy lalui..even dh berapa generasi dh sy peratikn..yg lama dh grad..nmpk bdk baru msk n bdk yg br msk tu pn dh grad lolx . Dpt knal dgn rmai kengkwn dr serata Malaysia ni..dr negeri mana..U name it..suma ade .

Sy dh nk smpi ke pengakhiran sblm sy kne tunggu selepas dpt result dlu..chuak jgk sebenarnye nk tgk result tu sy berserah je pd Allah..insyaAllah OK tp sy just terima je ape yg Allah tentukn utk sy.

Pd suma student2 ucapkn selamat bercuti pd student2 yg masih lg menuntut n blaja rajin2 bila dh bkk sem nnt dn kpd yg akn praktikal sem dpn..jagalah nama baik MMU n wat keje yg ade dgn baik n terurus. Pd student yg bakal ucapkan selamat maju jaya dlm kerjaya dn kehidupan pd ms yg akn dtg. InsyaAllah..dgn izin Allah ade ms nnt kte jmpe lg k. I'm going to miss u guys.

Salam akhir dari saya..

selamat tinggal, good bye, zai jian, poyitu varugiren.



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WiNdOwS 7..

Assalamualaikum, I'm officially switched my OS from Windows Vista to the latest version of Windows that yet to be released where it is believed that the new version of Windows will be available in the first quarter of 2010. Currently I'm using Windows 7 Release Candidate edition (RC)..reason I changed to Windows 7 is because my Windows Vista is already corrupted due to lightning and even Microsoft technical support has asked me to reinstall fresh copy of windows. Then I think dat this is the rite time to test the new Windows. I rather install the RC version than Beta coz I know that Beta might have a lot of bugs and RC is much more stable .

I installed the 64-bit version of Windows 7 as my machine conform to the minimum requirements needed. First impression during installation..I notice that the installation is much faster than Vista and surprisingly same with the boot up and shut down time where U can notice the difference with the time taken between Vista n 7.

the all new Windows 7... .

From the user's perspective..I can see some differences in term of layout between Vista n 7. First of all..programs or folder can be pinned into the taskbar and similar programs can be grouped together in the taskbar if the user execute the program more than one.

Other interesting addition in 7 is dat it can change the wallpaper of the desktop to other wallpaper in selected time interval for example, 30 mins . I like this feature a lot coz it can give the desktop a new fresh look. I also like 7 because it feels 'lighter' and everything seems to be fast and smooth. Other than that, Vista drivers can be used in 7 as I've read in some articles dat the developers has assured that 7 is backward compatible with Vista drivers and applications.

New application upgrades has been included in 7 such as Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Media Player 12 but there are some programs that has gone missing (eg. Windows Movie Maker) coz Microsoft has decided that some programs will be packed as optional. As a new OS, there are pros n cons. In 7, there are some programs/applications dat didn't work..but it's OK as this version is still under development. Critical applications such as Office 2007, Java, etc. still can be used as usual.

There are so much more features that U can explore in this new version of Windows. If U want to install it..make sure dat U install it in different partition other than C:\ as this version of Windows is a pre-release version..NOT a live release version. Pls do backup of important files b4 installation .

System requirements:

CPU : 1 GHz processor (32- or 64-bit)
Memory (RAM) : 1 GB of RAM (32-bit); 2 GB of RAM (64-bit)
GPU : Support for DirectX 9 graphics device with 128MB of memory (for Aero)
HDD : 16 GB free space (32-bit); 20 GB of available disk space (64-bit)
Optical Drive : DVD-R/W

For the installation files please visit here (3.05GB, .iso file - pls burn it into a DVD-R by using Nero (recommended)).

p/s: dis version is for limited time only until June 2010 n it can't be used anymore afterwards. Thx .

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Sorry..

They say it takes time to get over serious relationships
but I've been waitin patiently
still stuck on you
i still picture you face smiling at me

I made a big mistake
but now i gotta face
the consequenses of my action
but until you're back here in my arms
I'll never have the satisfaction

I know, u know... that I'm sorry
I never meant to hurt you
is there anything that i can do
to make it up to you

I'll do anything baby.....
cuz I'm sorry
I never meant to make you cry
i dont want to say good bye
I'm sorry, Sorry that I lied

Everyday that passes
I missing you more, and more
I still remember
the first time i said "hi" to you(first time i said hi to you)

I knew that this was heaven sent
cuz i was destined
to be with you,
and now i messed it up
i pray to god above
that you will forgive me
Just take me in your arms
and hold me all night long
until you will never leave me
(you'll never leave me baby)

I know, u know... that I'm sorry
I never meant to hurrt you
is there anything that i can do
to make it up to you

I'll do anything baby...
cuz im sorry
I never meant to make you cry
and i dont wanna say good bye
I'm sorry, Sorry that i lied

I believe, that everything happends for a reason
(we know that everybody makes mistakes,
and every body regret sometimes)
Don't let this ruin everything that we have

I dont want you to forget
how much i love you baby
(i love you baby)
how much i miss you baby
you mean everything to me

I know, u know... that I'm sorry
I never meant to hurrt you
is there anything that i can do
to make it up to you

I'll do anything baby...
cuz im sorry
and I never meant to make you cry
i dont want to say good bye
I'm sorry, Sorry that I LIED.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hey y'all . I just came back from my hometown. I went back yesterday..utk antar blk my sis yg dh pn menamatkn paper yg terakhir beliau utk sem ni huhu. Sy ptt boleh blk bsk (27 Mei 2009) tp sy nk blk jgk ke Melaka mlm nie..sbb ape?. Sebab sy berasa sgt cuak utk xm khamis ni yg bg sy yg tersusah dlm suma subjek yg sy amik utk sem ni. Risau gile dgn subjek tu..kalo sy x blk mlm ni jgk..alamat x tdo mlm jdnye huhu . Nk tau apekah subjek tersebut?..subjek tersebut adelah Introduction to Knowledge Management . Tah la for me subjek ni ssh..maybe bg yg lain x ssh sgt kot. At least bsk ade 1 hari..hari yg terakhir utk study utk subjek ni. Harap2 semuanye akan OK. InsyaAllah .


16 March 2009

Hari ni sy, Az n Syafiq Akhmal pegi ke 1 program outdoor bersama kelab MMUIEM (Institution of Engineers (IEM)). Kire salah 1 engineering club la ni . Tp mcm mana lak ktorang yg dr aliran IT ni leh terlibat dlm aktiviti kelab engineering?..kebetulan sblm tu sy terjmpe announcement dlm bulletin board psl aktiviti ni n dh tertulis yg semua leh msk. Haaa ape lg..join je la lgpn busan x wt pa per . Aktiviti2 yg di buat adelah Wall Climbing n Kayaking.

Actually this is my 1st time gi Wall Climbing . Mmg sgt teruja nk panjat cz aktiviti ni agak popular dgn kwn2 kt KL tu..xnk la rs ketinggalan sgt kn. Lgpn nk cuba segala sukan2 yg ade sementara masih muda ni .

3 of us n Khalil wif his friend..x igt nama lak hadoii .

Puan director kelab yg sgt sporting , Debbie.

1st aktiviti adelah manjart dinding..tgk2 jer ketinggian dinding tu adoi..tingginye la. Cuba la bg yg rendah2 sket dlu br try yg tinggi..majoriti yg msk aktiviti ni pn 1st timer. Tp xper la sy sahut cabaran nk manjart dinding nie hehe .

Tinggi gile huhu .

Sebahagian ahli2 kelab MMUIEM :)

Mak oi..excited gile mamat sblh kanan tu ekeke .

Memula ktorang smpi x rmai org kt area situ tp tetiba makin lama makin rmai plak yg dtg tgk..segan pn ade jgk time ni tp what the heck..dulik hapa hehe. I just want to enjoy myself .

My turn .

Smpi kt area curve tu x dpt dh nk it's ok what..1st time maa hehe . Laen kali leh manjart lg..practice makes perfect ;).

Aktiviti kedua..


Aktiviti kayak ni sgt la lama..sejam dua rsnye. Lg 1 aktiviti ni ade pertandingan lumba kayak. Sy n Az naik 1 kayak n Syafiq Akhmal naik dgn slh sorang ahli kelab yg lain.

Sy n Az mmg bersungguh2 nk menang pertandingan ni n akhirnye ktorang berjaya dapat...

1st runner up~!! Dpt plastic bag yg pnuh dgn junk food hehe .

After dh pnat berkayak..igtkn dh boley blk tp rupe2nye ade mkn besar di mekdi ayer keroh huhu. Mmg best la dgn yuran RM10 dpt main mcm2 n dpt mkn up mau2 dh RM15++ .

mkn jgn x mkn.. :)

Dat's all folks~! .

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Korang pnah dgr lagu ni x..? I'm sure korang pnah dgr punye laa huhu . Lagu ni mmg tgh hot skrg n di putarkn byk kali di corong2 radio seluruh Malaysia. Sape n lagu ape yg sy maksudkn? X lain x bkn penyanyi baru dn pelakon yg tgh meningkat naik dn kiut-miut, Liyana Jasmay dgn lagunya Aku Tak Percaya Cinta.

Tah mcm mana boleh terminat dgn lagu ni...mungkin sbb dgr byk kali kot, hanya Allah je yg tau. Lagu ni (bg sy korang xtau mcm mana lak ) agak catchy n lebey kurang mcm ala-ala Avril Lavigne n secara x langsung dpt mengurangkn rs tekanan study skrg n xm yg bakal menjelang .

Takde official video clip utk lagu ni tp just terjmpe 1 static photo dgn lagu kt YouTube ..saksikan~ .

plus..sesapa yg berminat utk download mp3 utk lagu ni sila klik di sini (6.61 MB) (Thx to muizhunter )

p/s: view YouTube videos faster with SpeedBit Video Accelerator.