Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick updet~!


Sy agak sedih and mood yg agak gloomy kerana Ramadhan bakal mcm br beberapa hari berpuasa.

Dah lama x updet blog ni..almost near a month. Lately I'm too busy to post anything into this blog. Of course there must be a reason why I'm a bit busy. Actually I have a job now but it is just temporary and not related to IT at all. The task that I'm working on suppose to complete in 3 months but I have to get it done in 3 weeks. I'm a bit overwhelmed and stressed out but I hope this coming holiday I can get some rest but surely I will do some of the work at home next week. Currently, I'm working for Aqalivista Consulting & Services Sdn. Bhd and the company specialises in franchise consultation and the client assigned to me is Eastern Biotech Resources Sdn. Bhd..alaa yg buat produk gamat tu mcm Gamogen.

Petang ni agak kurang sket keje (padahal saje je slow2x wt coz bahang cuti dh semakin hampir huhu :P). Neway, byk yg sy blaja dr sini especially in doing documentation dlm franchising and lebey kurang mcm audit job jgk la hehe. Tp xpe la bleh add some skills and pengalaman hidup dlm kerjaya. Maybe klw dh kurang busy I will post something. Idea dah ade cuma I don't have the time.

Cu next time and kepada semua pengunjung dan pembaca blog saya,


bg yg beragama Islam dan,


kpd semua.

p/s : Sy mintak maaf kpd sesapa yg terasa atau di kasari ataupn membenci diri sy ini. I know I was wrong dan sy menyesal atas ape yg berlaku. I will try not to make the same mistake again.